East Pittsburgh Borough Council is seeking interested applicants to fill a vacant Council seat through the end of the term, December 31, 2023.
Qualified applicants must be a resident of East Pittsburgh for at least 12 months prior to appointment and must otherwise not be prohibited from seeking elected office.
Interested parties should send a letter of interest to Seth Abrams, Borough Manager at epabrams@eastpittsburghboro.com or by delivering it to the Borough Office at 813 Linden Ave., East Pittsburgh, PA 15112.

The Borough Offices will be closed between August 5th and August 12th. If you need to reach us during this time please either email secretary@eastpittsburghboro.com or call 412-823-7124 and leave a message. we will reach back out to yo within 24 hours.

We will reopen for regular business on August 15, 2022