The Borough Council conducted their April Council Meeting virtually. The video can be found on Facebook by clicking here. Additionally, Council had an EMERGENCY VOTE and considered another action on April 22, 2020 to EXTEND THE PROPERTY TAX DEADLINES. Council voted to EXTEND THE 2% PROPERTY TAX DISCOUNT RATE UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2020. LATE FEES WILL BE WAIVED IF TAXES ARE PAID IN FULL BY DECEMBER 31, 2020.

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  • Candy Whitney

    I would like to thank the Borough Council for making the decision to extend the 2% property tax discount rate until August 31 and waiving late fees if taxes are paid in full by December 31, 2020. In these uncertain, distressful times it is good to know that our council is mindful of their community when making difficult decisions. I am also grateful for your continued efforts to keep the East Pittsburgh community healthy and safe.

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