ALCOSAN Clean Water Assistance Plan

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority began 2017 by launching its Clean Water Assistance Fund, which will help low-income families and individuals pay their ALCOSAN bills.

ALCOSAN has committed nearly a million dollars in order to provide this vital customer assistance program for qualifying residents in the 83 municipalities (including the city of Pittsburgh) that make up the authority’s service area.

The fund will provide a $30 credit every three months to homeowners as well as tenants who have accounts in their own names for sewage service. To be eligible, applicants must be served by ALCOSAN and meet family income limits set by the federal government.

Currently, that means, for example, that a family of four earning $36,450 or less per year would be eligible. The figures are adjusted annually in February.

The authority’s board of directors created the fund because they recognize that mandated improvements to the region’s largest wastewater treatment system mean rising costs for its customers. The goal is to make sure low-income residents are protected and to assure that they have access to adequate wastewater services for their homes.

Municipal officials, advocacy groups, community leaders and billing agencies all participated in planning for the fund, which will be administered for ALCOSAN by Dollar Energy Fund Inc.

Dozens of social service agencies that work with Dollar Energy throughout the region began accepting applications on Jan. 3. The applications are taken in person and individuals must provide a copy of their water/sewage bill, Social Security numbers for all members of their household and proof of household’s monthly income. In most cases, residents should call in advance for an appointment.

ALCOSAN has prepared a fact sheet about the program, along with a list of participating agencies. It is available at or by clicking HERE. Information about the program also is available at



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